Feeding Guide

Knowing how much to feed your dog can be confusing. We all want what is best for our pets, so we’ve put together a feeding guide to give you a suggestion on how much you should feed your dog.

The guide is based on the age and weight of your dog.

Example 1:
If your dog is 17 weeks old and weighs 5kg, you should feed them 350g of food per day.
Example 2:
If your dog is 150 weeks old and weighs 25kg, you should feed them 500-750g of food per day.
Example 3:
If your dog is 57 weeks old and weighs 15kg, you should feed them 525g of food per day.
Age (weeks) % Body weight
7-10 10%
10-16 8%
16-20 7%
20-24 6%
24-36 5%
36-56 4%
56-68 3.5%
68+ 2-3%

Please note: this is still just a guide and you may need to make adjustments for your dog specifically, but is still a good starting place if you’re not sure how much to feed.

If you are still unsure, please give us a call on 01992 503035, we’d be happy to help you!