Our Story

Founded in 2015, we are a business that has grown from necessity from through the unfortunate chain of events that lead to Wilberforce becoming very ill.

His condition was very serious and without the help of an expert in canine nutrition, he would not be here today.

However, his return to full fitness was due in no small part to a change of diet. 

When Wilberforce was at his lowest we feared the worst, like many of us, in desperation I took to the internet, after many hours of research and discussions with other dog owners I concluded that what I could do to help the situation was look more closely at how and what we feed our dogs.

I, like many of us assumed that dog food was, as the term implies food suitable for dogs. But after looking more closely at how some dried foods are made and more importantly what they are made from discovered this is simply not so.

This lead me to discover the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet, and how its health benefits have substantially improved the lives of countless dogs and cats, and the massive groundswell of support among dog and cat owners for this healthier, kinder diet.

With what I learned from my research and with the kind help the expert in canine nutrition, I decided to start feeding our dogs the BARF diet. I can't say this was the most fun I have ever had but the results were nothing less than miraculous, both dogs showed an instant improvement, not only to their overall health and condition but to their demeanor. We had healthier, calmer, happier dogs!

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