Why Feed Raw?

The first bag of commercial dog food hit the market about one hundred years ago. But, it didn't become a household product until WWII, because of the short supply of raw meat due to rationing. Before this, dogs generally ate a diet of raw meat. A simple look in your dog's mouth shows you how they have evolved over millions of years to eat meat and bones. This contrasts to the ultra-processed food-like kibble. We know they they look cute when snuggled up on the sofa, or playing with their toy elephant, but they evolved from wild animals and we should feed them as such.
Some claim that 'traditional' dry dog food diets are better for dogs, but there is little evidence for this. It comes as no surprise that many of our customers are pet nutritionists, vets and dog breeders. These are people that understand the importance of a healthy diet. Furthermore, the Raw Feeding Veterinary Association has linked kibble products to many canine ailments. This is a result of their cheap and processed nature.
Most people who switch to a raw food diet notice the effects in their dogs immediately. People report shinier coats, better skin, whiter teeth and all-round happier dogs. Dogs should eat what is natural to them and as such; our dog food is made out of nothing but the best of what your dog needs. This creates happy and healthy dogs out of a diet of a balanced meat and vegetables. But don't take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say:
“I was determined that my new puppy Luna, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier would have a species appropriate diet. Having tried two well-known, large, commercial companies, I was very nearly at the stage of giving up as the food was really not suiting her and making her very lethargic. A friend suggested I try We Love Raw, and from the moment I opened the box I realized this was a far superior food. Kevin and all the We love Raw family have gone above and beyond to help Luna with various allergy issues and I cannot praise them enough.  A wonderful family-run business who actually care.”
— Debbie T.  
"We highly recommend We Love Raw Complete Raw Food, which our Irish Red & White Setter, Fleur, who we show, has been thriving on for some time now.  She has never been healthier; her coat is in great condition and she loves the raw diet. Kevin's enthusiasm and passion for the product is inspiring and he's always on hand for help and advice. I've attached a photo of Fleur getting Best Bitch at Crufts!”
— Helen  
“I have an 8 year old Labrador who has been fed a raw diet from We Love Raw for the past 3 years. Every meal time Mia dances in anticipation. Mia's coat has improved and her toileting is so much easier. The high standard in preparation of this quality dog food is consistently maintained. It is incredible value for money, and I particularly like and continue to return for the texture of the food, which is so much more appealing than alternatives I have tried in the past.”
— Carol & Mia
“My dogs are in top condition for showing. They are fit, healthy and happy thanks to We Love Raw. First class food produced by a first class company.”
—  Vincent
“Extremely happy with We Love Raw food, it’s the best Blue, [our dog] has ever had!”
— Louise & Steve
“We have fed our dogs raw for years. My research led us to Kevin at We Love Raw.  I can’t tell you how happy we are that our dogs are getting the best, pure food. Our dogs are part of our family and also compete in agility. Their overall health & well-being is therefore so important! Your food is testament to their healthy coat & teeth and their amazing muscle tone and definition. Your help, advice and knowledge is invaluable and your passion and dedication to the health and well-being of dogs is unsurpassed in my opinion.”
— Debbie G.
“I’ve been feeding raw since I got my first boxer in 2000, but I felt I wasn’t giving the dogs a wide enough range of meats and nutrition. Then my dog trainer mentioned she had found Kevin and We Love Raw and that I should try them. That was over 4 years ago! Georgia and Finley love We Love Raw, in particular the Premium Ultra Complete, they both look great on it, even though they are now 10 and 8 respectively!”
— Louise
To learn more about vets who advocate for a raw diet, check out the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society here: https://rfvs.info/about-us/